Do you live in the USA, Canada, Germany or anywhere else outside of Poland? Do you want to have constant and comfortable access to Polish television without the need to mount satellite antennas and pay a premium subscription for limited quality of services? Polish TV via the Internet PolBox is a great solution!

Until recently, television was available only by using traditional television sets. Currently, the development of technology, the Internet and creative solutions have made the online television available almost always and everywhere. The only thing you need is online access and the use of PolBox services.

Multiscreen PolBox

Multiscreen means that television via the Internet is available on virtually any device that emits video and sounds. Thanks to this, Polish-language online television is possible to watch:

  • On smartphones, i.e. devices that we almost always carry with us, we can almost always watch TV on the Internet.
  • On laptops and computers, that is often also mobile devices with large screens and high quality graphics and sound cards.
  • In a traditional way, ie on televisions, because online television is also available via set-top boxes.

Polish online television operates smoothly and without any problems.

Multiscreen is just one of several advantages of PolBox.TV. In addition to wide access on many types of devices, the TV also works very smoothly and intuitively via the Internet and offers a host of other interesting features.

In order to watch Polish TV via the Internet on your smartphone, laptop or computer, all you need to do is use a web browser or install the application. Both ways are very simple and convenient. Television via the Internet is easy to watch on a standard TV set by a decoder, which should not cause any problems. You can always count on support with written instructions, videos and help from the customer service department.

In addition, the Internet and PolBox.TV service also offers great opportunities, and such functions as a video library, TV archive, or the possibility of delaying the transmission further enhances the satisfaction that Polish-language television brings to the Internet viewed abroad.

Television via the Internet PolBox.TV is also characterized by flexibility

PolBox.TV provides its services to clients from different regions of the world, which is why it gives great opportunities to adapt television broadcasting to your needs. For example, if someone wants to enjoy the highest quality television over the Internet, he can use it through the television function in HD quality. On the other hand, people who have access to low-speed data transfer networks can still enjoy Polish television over the Internet, through the ECO mode.

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