A good television for a person living abroad is one that guarantees a huge number of the best channels in the highest quality, but it is also tailored to the needs of the viewers. Therefore, PolBox.TV is created in such a way as to solve problems related to, for example, differences in time zones.

When your favorite program is broadcast in the middle of the night ...


Emigrants have difficult contact with their homeland. They can only appear in it sometimes, and contact with family and friends living in Poland is limited to telephones. Unfortunately, when you live in, for example, Canada or the USA, time differences make even contact by phone difficult. All because of the difference of time zones, which can reach even several hours.

It would seem that a similar problem will be associated with watching TV. The best programs are generally broadcast in the evening of Polish time. So when your favorite Polish program is broadcast eg by satellite at 20:00 Polish time, you are at 12:00 and you must be at work. When you are at 20:00 and want to look at your favorite Polish channel in peace, programs broadcast at 4:00 am Polish time are broadcast. You can still enjoy it, but you still miss the best airtime.

... choose PolBox with emission delay!

Fortunately and for this problem PolBox.TV has an effective, and at the same simple solution. All you have to do is to use the option of delaying the TV broadcast by the appropriate number of hours, and thanks to that your receiver will emit programs, correcting the time zone differences. As a consequence, you will be able to watch the best Polish programs at the best time.

The emission delay function is intended mainly for residents of the European Union and the USA, so the delay can be set at 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 hours in relation to European time. So if your favorite program is broadcast at 20:00 Warsaw time, thanks to the delayed transmission function, it will be broadcast at your home also at 20:00, but local time! It brings many benefits:

  • You adjust the broadcast of TV programs to your time zone and lifestyle.
  • You will not miss your favorite Polish program, simply because it is broadcasted at the wrong time, relative to the local time zone.
  • You better get into the broadcasted program. TV channels broadcast their programs, adapted to the time of their transmission. Thanks to the delayed emission function, he will not, for example, watch breakfast programs, while you are in the early evening.
  • The delay is minimal. By using the delay option, you will have access to programs that have been released just a few hours before, so you'll still be up to date with what's happening in Poland.

Combine the transmission delay with the TV archive function

PolBox.TV provides a transmission delay function, but also a television archive, one of which is also to counteract the effects of time zone differences. Using both of these functions you can be sure that you will never miss your favorite program due to differences in time spheres or for any other reason!

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