1 . Subscription number and password are not accepted.

2 . Speedtest

3 . Is it possible to check the quality of PolBox.TV before purchasing a subscription?

4 . Can I watch PolBox.TV on Smart TV?

5 . Is it possible to download movies from PolBox.TV?

6 . How PolBox.TV works?

7 . Supported devices

8 . Where can I buy a receiver?

9 . How to activate my decoder?

10 . How to make an order in our online store?

11 . If I pay today, and start watching later will I lose any one day of the subscription?

12 . What should be done to prolong the package?

14 . How can I check my PolBox.TV subscription information?

15 . Is it necessary to have a few subscriptions for watching PolBox.TV on several devices at the same time?

16 . What is the best way to connect the decoder to TV?

17 . What is the difference between LAN and WiFi?

18 . What are the minimum requirements for Internet speed for watching PolBox.TV?

19 . What should I do if the picture freezes?

20 . What should I do if the picture with the text "No signal" appears on the TV?

21 . Can I record movies or entertainment?

22 . How to open access to xxx channels?

23 . AnyDesk

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