Extremely rich offer of TV channels available in PolBox.TV makes it possible to watch almost every Polish channel. However, in order to get the maximum satisfaction and not to miss any interesting broadcasts, it is worth using a television program, which is an extremely innovative and user-friendly platform.

The current TV program PolBox.TV - the greatest advantages

A TV program is an advanced, interactive and at the same time easy-to-use platform that is:

  • Current and updated on-line list of TV programs. The current Polish and foreign television program allows you to carefully plan the schedule of watching TV.
  • A rich and attractive description of television programs, which catches the viewer even before the beginning of a given TV program.
  • Functional interface. The service is also characterized by simplicity, practically everyone can handle its service. In addition, navigating the platform is pleasant, and finding information very intuitive, simple and fast.
  • Extensive platform range. The service includes both Polish and foreign TV channels. The database contains over 120 channels! All you need is in one place and it is given in a very attractive form. What's more, every TV program is constantly updated, so you're always up-to-date.
  • The TV program is updated up to a week ahead. This means that at any time you can check what interesting will be broadcast even in seven days.
  • Modern graphic design. The service is also characterized by a modern, nice and extremely transparent design, which will appeal to almost everyone.

Why is PolBox.TV really a unique service?

The PolBox.TV television program has many positives. However, this service is truly unique thanks to its huge personalization capabilities. Everyone can easily select and sort selected TV programs. Thanks to that, from a huge number of TV channels, you can choose the most interesting ones and never miss your favorite programs. So you can adjust the program so that it displays, for example, only sports channels. Alternatively, you can also highlight your favorite channels, making them more visible in the program.

What's more, the innovative PolBox.TV solution allows you to sort the channel list based on the selected TV provider. Stations will therefore be sorted in the same way as on the decoder. Thanks to this, there will be no mistakes when choosing a TV channel using the TV remote control. This saves time and increases the comfort of use, because you do not have to bother to find the channel you want.

The current program PolBox.TV, however, gives you even more opportunities to adapt it to your needs and preferences. The notes feature will make the TV program personalized even more.

Although the current program PolBox.TV is only an addition to television services, it is so advanced and user-friendly that it significantly increases the comfort of watching TV.

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