Do you want to watch the highest quality Polish TV on your TV? Do you live in the States, Germany, Canada or anywhere else? Do not you want to overpay for an expensive subscription and bother with the problematic installation of a satellite dish? The PolBox web TV decoder is just what you need!

How does the PolBox.TV Polish TV set-up work?

Internet TV decoder is an advanced technological device that is characterized by high versatility. The decoders are primarily used to broadcast programs on TV, including those transmitted online. In addition, they can play more and more types of files, they can also enable, for example, browsing the websites on the TV screen. At the same time, they ensure smooth operation and very high sound and image quality. As a consequence, today's television decoder often turns a regular TV set into a smart TV that plays the role of a home entertainment center.

So that Polish television online is available in your home, only four things are needed on the TV screen:

  • Access to the Internet through which the TV program will be streamed.
  • Activated PolBox service as the source of program broadcast.
  • Internet television decoder, which will process the signal online, to the signal received by the television.
  • A TV that will act as a screen and speakers.

Why is it worth watching TV via the internet television decoder?

PolBox.TV can be viewed in many ways, and even on up to three devices at the same time. Each of these methods has its own advantages, and in the case of watching tv through the use of a television decoder, you can count on such advantages as:

  • TV sets have much larger screens than laptops, computers or smartphones, so that using them, you can see more details in the broadcast program. Polish TV in HD quality PolBox.TV looks great by the TV decoder.
  • Unlike multi-functional devices such as laptops, computers or smartphones, TV sets are designed to transmit TV programs. As a result, they guarantee excellent image and sound quality, and operate very smoothly.
  • The TV decoder is easy to use, just a few clicks to start it. In case of any problems, you can use the online instructions or contact PolBox.TV Customer Service, which works non-stop.
  • Modern internet TV set-top boxes are made using the highest quality technology, which ensures an even better TV viewing experience.
  • Modern TV set-top boxes are a durable device, usually with small dimensions, which in addition are also attractive in visual terms.
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