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Polish television is free via the Internet! Just use the trial version of PolBox.TV to enjoy the widest premium package, at no cost!

How does television work for free on the Internet at PolBox.TV?

It's very simple, because it's enough to fill out the form on the website to quickly get free access to Polish television live online. Access to the trial version is granted very quickly, and after granting it, you can enjoy the best premium package for up to 3 days. Access to the trial period can be obtained only once and it is an ideal opportunity to check, how high quality is guaranteed by watching Polish TV live on the Internet. We are convinced that you will be delighted with our service and want to have it permanently.

Using the trial period, you do not risk anything, because the service is completely free. However, you can gain a lot because Polish-language television via the Internet is a great way to contact your homeland during your stay abroad.

What can you do while using the trial period for free?

During the trial period you will benefit from the widest premium package. You will not have any restrictions and you will get free access to:

  • Over 120 Polish live channels - you can watch exactly the same thing that your family and friends in Poland are watching at the same time. Television in PolBox.TV, also during the trial period for free, is also a guarantee of gaining access to a wide group of television stations and programs. You will be able to watch sport, news, documentary and many other channels for free, all in the Polish language!
  • TV program archive - at any time you will have the opportunity to watch the programs after the broadcast time. PolBox.TV allows you to watch broadcast programs even from two weeks ago.
  • Multiroom function - it provides the ability to watch TV on up to three devices simultaneously. On each of them you can watch any channel. For example, the husband will watch the live broadcast of the match, the wife of the drama series, and the children's best Polish fairy tales.
  • HD channels - Polish television PolBox.TV allows access to the highest quality channels also in technical terms. HD TV is a guarantee of watching realistic images and listening to very realistic sounds.
  • Adult channels - PolBox.TV guarantees access to a wide range of programs, including those intended exclusively for adults.

You will get access to all these functions completely free of charge during the trial period! All you have to do is use the form so that we can contact you and provide you with premium TV for the trial period.

What to do after the trial period?

Polish-language television for free via the Internet transmitted live through the trial period PolBox.TV is a great way to get acquainted with all the benefits of this service. During the trial period, you'll get your opinion on it and if you want, you can continue to use PolBox.TV by buying a service, and Polish-language television will stay at your home for much longer!

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