Available for TV subscribers from Polbox.TV. Multiscreen is an additional option for IPTV subscribers, which allows you to watch TV from PolBox.TV using laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The service is available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems via Internet 3G and 4G.

The service is available only for active PolBox.TV subscribers. In one subscription, you can connect to 4 devices.

What do you need to connect Multiscreen service?

 Multiscreen service is connected automatically and is available as the default for all active PolBox.TV subscribers.

PolBox.TV downloads the application on the AppStore or Google Market.

 Log in to the application with the username and password from PolBox.TV, refer to the agreement of PolBox.TV, and accept it.

PolBox.TV subscribers can watch 120 channels from a group which includes popular Polish and international channels and sports channels, soccer, films and high quality HD channels.

 The unique capabilities of PolBox.TV are available to owners of set-top boxes with a recording function.

 Multiscreen allows you to stop and rewind or make a recording at any time.

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