Our services are available anywhere in the world with access to the Internet, without the need for satellite dish or cable. 

PolBox.TV uses one of the most advanced technologies — Internet TV IPTV. 

PolBox.TV is an interactive digital TV, which can be received anywhere there is access to the Internet. 

No matter how you connect to the Internet, the only condition for receiving is a stable and fast connection without restrictions (Flatrate), which is standard in almost all developed countries.


 So you can choose whether to watch TV on your home computer, laptop or buy an STB (Set-Top Box) and use it to watch Internet TV on your TV screen.

Today, the PolBox.TV broadcasting network offers more than 100 TV channels. 

The package includes Polish public television channels, entertainment and popular music channels, channels for children, and general, popular, sports and foreign channels. 

The package also includes popular radio stations. 

The website also offers a free, two-week archive of programs, allowing you to call and watch your favorite programs an unlimited number of times for 2 weeks from the time of issue.

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