Instilling a patriotic attitude is even the responsibility of every parent. The point of honor of almost every Pole living abroad is raising their descendants in such a way that he has the greatest possible contact with Polish culture and language. The platform PolBox.TV works in this role, which, in the interests of the youngest, also allows parents to use the so-called parental control.

Parental control of children in front of the TV

Parental control PolBox - how does it work?

Polish Internet TV PolBox.TV has many useful functions, such as eg Parental Control. With its help, in a simple and effective way you can control children's access to individual channels and video collections available in the video library and enable them to watch only programs that have the right content for them.

Parental control works on the principle of establishing a password, the introduction of which is necessary to enable a given TV channel. Only a person who knows such a password (meaning adults) will have access to these secured channels.

To set parental control, enter the parental protection settings, enter the password, and then select the channels to hide. At the end, you should save the changes. Editing public and blocked channels is possible all the time.

How to use parental controls for the benefit of your child?

The purpose of parental control is to make it only access to relevant content such as fairy tales, family films, documentaries, comedy, or sports broadcasts. The channels, which in turn broadcast programs with brutality, curses and pornographic content, should be blocked by the need to enter a password before they are launched.

This is a particularly useful feature when the child stays alone at home, because, for example, the parents are working at the time. It should be remembered, however, that young people often have a lot of free time, they are driven by their curiosity, and often also show considerable cleverness. So that parental control on television should have its desired pedagogical effect, it is worth to ensure good communication with your child, to know that it is established for its sake and serves to protect it from harmful content.

Secondly, it should also be remembered that adolescents may attempt to discover the password. It should therefore be long and complicated (password type 1234 will not be effective protection), and its content can not be found, for example, in a TV cabinet, to which the child has access. The password, however, should be written down somewhere (eg on a private e-mail), so that you can easily find them when you forget them.

PolBox.TV is a great idea for growing up a child in exile, in contact with Polish culture and language. Parental control is an effective tool in blocking access to harmful content for a child. However, it is worth remembering that in addition to the achievements of techniques such as the PolBox platform, you should devote time to your child and, for example, see the Polish fairy tale together.

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