Invite your friends to PolBox.TV!

Do you have friends who will be interested about PolBox.TV? Recommend our services and get a reward for an effective recommendation! Just add in your Client Account (My Friends) email or phone number of a person if you want to recommend us.
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Make more money with PolBox.TV

PolBox.TV invites everyone to see a big opportunity for bussines - dealership agreement.
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Suspended subscription

This option allows you to make a gift to anyone, and to subscribe to the Polish television person who really needs it. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase it, please leave a message on our website and wait for the answer!
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Transfer time between friends!

There is no way to extend subscription or no access to PolBox.TV website? A friend or acquaintance can present time for viewing!
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Function "Pause"

Do you go on vacation and need to stop your subscription? It's easy. Now you can turn on or turn off your subscription.
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A reduction of 10% in the price with Bitcoin!

Especially for you we added on the PolBox.TV the possibility of making transactions by Bitcoin.
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About the main things
Take a portion of favorite polish television PolBox.TV! Only for 4 days you can buy a new subscription with even -20% discount. Read more
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