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Rabaty socjalne

If you are retired, a social help receiver or have a disability - PolBox.TV provides a social program, that gives you a discount on any product in our store for 10%.

If you want to get a discount, please, send us request on info@polbox.tv and attach an electronic copy (scan) or image of document, that confirms that you are belonging to the social group (retired, poor, disabled). In the request, please, add country where the document was issued, authority, that issued you this document and the expiry date of the document (for all documents, except passport).

Application are checked by our firm and you will receive answer via e-mail within 2 weeks.

  1. We accept only copies of documents, that were issued by the authority state institutions. All documents we will check for authenticity. While you are sending copies of documents you agreed with processing of your data.
  2. Social assistance documents for low income groups must be not older more than 2 months; for other social groups, they must be not older more than 6 months.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel the request or at any time we can depart from our decision to give you this discount.
  4. The discount will valid during one year only after it accepted by a firm. After that you should make a request again.
  5. The information, that clients give us is hidden and not used anywhere.

Warning! Discounts are not combined. Social discounts valid only for fixed prices and not valid in promotion.

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