Privacy Policy

  1. PolBox.TV stores personal information of clients, such as name, surname, residence address, e-mail address and other information users provide during registration or during fulfillment of the order. This data is available only to authorized persons or relevant institutions for the provision of necessary services. We undertake not to publish personal data and not to sell it to third parties.

  2. PolBox.TV collects data for the purpose of fulfilling the service and sale agreements and for commercial and tax purposes (data is kept for no longer than 10 years).

  3. PolBox.TV has the right to use personal and other data in the following cases:

  1. when requested by the authorities;

  2. for investigation of infringements of the terms of use;

  3. for prevention, detection or other suppression of any unlawful or presumptively unlawful acts;

  4. for preventing the infringement of rights, theft of property or violation of our security, security of our clients or society;

  1. PolBox.TV will transfer personal data in case of reorganization, restructuring, merger, sale or other transfer of assets provided that the recipients agree to abide by our Privacy Policy.

  2. The client has the right to refuse the use his/her data in case they are used for other purposes than those specified in the agreement. In order to refuse, the client may call our service department or send a notice to the email address.

The client has the right to withdraw from any agreement prior to its implementation.

The client has the right to request from us the confirmation of operations with his/her data.

The client has the right to request blocking or removal of his/her data from the system, except for those upon which the retention period extends provided that one of the provisions of article 17 of GDPR is met. If the client does not want our system to collect his/her data, we may blacklist him/her.

The client can download his/her data in XML and JSON formats.

The client may restrict the right to collect personal data provided that at least one of the provisions of Article 18 of GDPR is met. After the request, we do not collect the client's data, if there are no valid reasons for using them under one of the clauses of Article 21 of GDPR.

  1. Occasionally, PolBox.TV holds contests. We collect, process and use personal data obtained during these events, which are also covered by our Privacy Policy.

  2. The current Privacy Policy applies only to collection, processing, use (also when disclosing) of the data we received resulting from the use of our website. Pages that are accessible through links may have other conditions for protecting your data. We advise you to get acquainted with their Policy first.

  3. You have to be at least 16 years old to register on PolBox.TV as our client (article 8 of GDPR). Otherwise, this is only possible with the consent and supervision of one of the parents or guardian.

  4. During payment PolBox.TV does not record bank data and payment information of its clients because the system does not have the proper permission for this type of information. For making transfer from the credit card, for the duration of the transaction the client is transferred to the page of the banking system. After the successful transaction, the client is transferred back to the PolBox.TV website. Therefore, we are unable to use the client's personal banking information.

  5. PolBox.TV uses cookies. For more details thereon, please follow the link below:

  6. Third-party site privacy policy:

  1. We will continue updating the Privacy Policy subject to changes in legal, regulatory and functional requirements. These changes will be announced when they come into effect.

The use of the PolBox.TV services after the changes have been made is automatically considered to be their acceptance.

  1. Contact information of PolBox.TV:

  • Technical Support Hotline: + 1 (716) -405-0-400;

  • E-mail:;

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