10% discount for Mother's Day!
The promotion is finished!

On Mother's Day, we wish all mothers that their dreams come true, good health and warmth in their hearts. 

By Mother's Day, a 10% discount at the PolBox.TV store on all products. 

And that's not all!!! 

Customers who made a purchase on Mother's Day with a 10% discount will take part in the Premium Packages lottery on 27.05.2020 at 13:00 by Polish time

1 subscription for half a year, 

2 subscriptions for 3 months, 

3 subscriptions for 1 month. 

* The promotion will start on 26.05.2020 at 08:00 and last until 27.05.2020 until 08:00 by Polish time. 

** Offer not compatible with other promotions, discounts and coupons. 

*** Draw results will be available on the PolBox.TV website

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Dear Mothers, On the occasion of Mother's Day, we extend our warmest wishes to you. Read more