Prices are thinner and thinner!
The promotion is finished!

Take a portion of favorite polish television PolBox.TV

Only for 4 days you can buy a new subscription with even -20% discount. 

Catch the biggest 'donut' of PolBox.TV: 

28.02 (from 8:00 AM) discount is -20%; 0

1.03 (from 8:00 AM) discount is -15%; 

02.03 (from 8:00 AM) discount is -10%; 

03.03 (from 8:00 AM) discount is -5%. 

*The promotion will start on 28.02.2019 at 08:00 AM and it will last until 04.03.2019 at 08:00 AM Polish time. 

*Each discount is valid only for one day according to the date and time specified. 

*Discount is not available for 'Extend subscription' and 'Upgrade'. 

*Other discounts and coupons do not combine with the promotion. 

*Distributors have more profitable discount (for example, 28.02 it will be -20%, but 03.03 it will be distributor's discount).

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