Halloween + PolBox.TV = discounts!
The promotion is finished!

Lots of evil spirits, witches, ghosts... don’t be scared, it only means that time for horrific Halloween discounts has come. 

This year PolBox.TV has prepared discounts not only for witches, ghosts and all kinds of evil spirits, but also for mere mortals up to 15%: 

Making a one-time purchase from 49,99 $, you get 5% discount*. 

Making a one-time purchase from 149,99 $, you get 10% discount*. 

Making a one-time purchase from 299,99 $, you get 15% discount*! 

Go to the PolBox.TV store and do terribly good shopping. Horrific discounts will be valid from 8 a.m. СET 10/30/2020 till 08 a.m. CET 02.11.2020. 

* Attention! The discount does not add up to other promotions and coupons. 

* Only paid subscriber and renewal options are eligible for the promotion.

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