PolBox.TV and Amazon Fire TV Unite!

What could be better than your favorite device with Polish TV? Only additional gifts from PolBox.TV! 

Our service offers 15 days of viewing the “Premium” package for FREE 

and 10% of an individual discount coupon for the purchase of Fire TV Stick. 

The procedure is quite simple:

- Buy Fire TV Stick in any store; 

- send a photo of the receipt to marketing@polbox.tv 

(IMPORTANT: the date and name of the device should be clearly visible on the photo); 

- Get 15 days of FREE viewing and a 10% discount on orders in our store. 

Watch PolBox.TV comfortably on your Amazon Fire TV Stick! 

* Confirmation of the photo must be legible and contain the date of purchase and the name of the product. 

* You will receive your gifts only if all the conditions are met 

* The purchase must be completed not earlier than January 20, 2020

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