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Top sales

29,99 $
Premium package
- More than 100 Polish channels;
- Video library;
- Multiroom;
- HD Channels;
- Archive;
- Adult Channels – 5;
- VoD – 5.
17,95 $
Remote control
Remote control
299,99 $
Christmassy set "Premium 12 months + Decoder FOR FREE* with Remote Control"
The Premium package contains the maximum set of PolBox.TV services and allows you to use it without any restrictions: more than 100 Polish channels, Video library, Multiroom, HD Channels, Archive and 5 Adult Channels. It lets you watch channels on a TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.
* PLEASE NOTE! The promotion runs from 3.12.2018 until 03.01.2019. The number of decoders is limited!

Why Polbox.TV ?

Friendly prices

Our goal - to offer you the best quality at the best price. Make sure for yourself.

Pause on vacation

Are you planning to go on vacation? You can stop your subscription from the service.

Social discounts

We provide discounts for pensioners, the disabled and the unemployed.

Discount for friend

If your friend buys a subscription, you get a 10% discount for the next subscription.

Always and everywhere

Over 100 TV channels satisfying all tastes, are available for you at home, at work and at the time tours, or anywhere in the world.

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