'Archive TV' - is one of the main advantages ofPolBox.TV.

With this feature, you can forget about recording programs on a VCR or HDD. To play a recorded program, you only need to go to a television program on the selected day and select the desired recording. At any time, you can “go back in time” for 2 weeks!

Regular viewing of recordings from the archives is gradually becoming a habit of most of our viewers, and it is much more frequent than watching a live broadcast for 3 important reasons.

First, with Archive you will not miss the beginning of a program or film.

Second, the Archive is more convenient for watching a government release or all your favorite program or series from the last few days, which means that you can arrange a nice evening of TV instead of rushing every time to the TV and adjusting to the broadcast time of your favorite program.

Third, you can scroll through commercial breaks in the recording! And that says it all.

Using the archive is very simple: open the online player menu or your TV programs. Select the desired day or program. All recorded programs are marked with a red letter R in a television program.

Any program can be viewed using the 'Archive'for two weeks after its release.

In addition, using the << and >> at the top of the remote control, you can scroll the image backwards and forwards, so you do not have to watch the commercial breaks. Archive is a feature that is already available in all our packages.

How do you use the archive?

Using the archive is very simple. Suppose that now you want to watch a program you saw on the channel yesterday.

To start, open the TV guide (EPG), as always. Now you can see that all the programs that have already been released are marked on the left side with a red letter “R” — “Record”, i.e., “Recording”. Any “record” can be recovered from the archive.

Just go to the TV program of the day and then use ▲ / ▼ and buttons help select the desired program and press “Enter” on the remote control. After a few seconds, the desired program starts to play.

Using the buttons and ❙❙ ► you can stop and resume playback. Use ❙◄◄ and ►►❙ to move to the previous and next program in the archive.

In some cases, the start of the program file does not exactly match the time displayed in the program. This is easy to fix thanks to scrolling. Once you press and release the ►► button, the top of the screen displays “►► 1 min.” Within a few seconds of starting, the selected recording is delayed by one minute. If you press the ►► several times in a row, the scroll will match the amount of input. Scrolling in the opposite direction with the ◄◄ button works in a similar way.

If you use your computer to watch TV, you can use the archive, including TV Guide and selecting the desired day and program.

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