It does not matter if you live in Poland, Germany, Canada and America or in a different corner of the world. To a greater or lesser extent with the Windows system, you have to deal with every day. The enormous possibilities and universality of this Microsoft software gives you the opportunity today to watch Polish online television virtually anytime, anywhere.

Why is television on Windows a great solution?

Only a dozen or so years ago, television could be watched practically exclusively on televisions. If you lived abroad, then access to Polish television was either very limited or very expensive, and required, for example, the installation of a satellite dish and paying a premium subscription.

Today, the development of technologies, software and inventiveness of the creators of PolBox.TV makes Polish television widely available all over the world. All you need to do is have a computer or laptop with a Windows system that is connected to the network.

PolBox.TV without restrictions on Windows

The possibilities of watching TV online on the Microsoft operating system gives great possibilities to adapt the TV to your needs:

  • Television on laptop screens or computer monitors ensures very high image quality. Modern PC sound cards also guarantee great sound quality. In addition, laptops or computers with Windows can easily be connected to external screens, e.g. via an HDMI cable.
  • A laptop is a device with a lot of mobility;therefore, PolBox.TV is available in various rooms, and even outside the place of residence.
  • In the case of limited access to the network, you can connect the device from Windows to the Internet via LAN, which improves the stability of the link.
  • Online television on computers and laptops with the Microsoft operating system also gives the possibility of remote control. To do this, simply connect a wireless mouse. Thus, television can be controlled e.g. a few meters from the laptop. The TV application is also very intuitive.

Internet TV on Windows - how to watch it?

To enjoy Polish programs on Windows, you should use the PolBox.TV offer and use the tv application or a web browser (it is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox).

TV application PolBox.TV on Windows or PC Client PolBox.TV Player is available at this link. Just download and install it, which should take a few minutes. Then log in to the program and enjoy all the functions of PolBox.TV

Everything works very simply, if in doubt you can also use the text instructions, or watch the video instruction:

Television on Windows is also available for viewing in a web browser. You need a popular and free video player, or VLC. To watch TV online, on Windows through a browser, simply log in to this site.

Watching TV through the browser is also very easy. If you have questions, it is worth getting acquainted with this instruction or watching the instructions in the form of a video:

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