If you are an iOS device owner, you probably want the highest quality services. That is why your iPad or iPhone should have the PolBox.TV application installed, thanks to which Polish television of the highest quality will accompany you 24/7. Everything smoothly, comfortably and intuitively!

Mobile TV on iOS will give you great satisfaction!

PolBox.TV, on iOS, will make Polish television usually accompany you, i.e. when:

  • You are on the way to a business meeting before which you want to relax.
  • You want to enjoy online TV on iPhone or iPad during lunch.
  • You rest at home and Polish TV is what you need.
  • You are on a walk in the park.
  • You are taking a long trip and you want Polish television to make you happy.
  • You want to leave the Polish fairy tale to your child, just before falling asleep.
  • And in any situation, whenever you have an iOS phone with you and you are available online.

TV iOS application allows you better access to Polish programs than if you even stayed in Poland. Mobile TV operating on Apple software is available everywhere, and not only when you have access to a television set.

iOS PolBox.TV provides access to all the highest quality features!

By creating the iOS application, we are guided by the idea of providing all the highest-quality features in addition to the mobile access to Polish television. TV application PolBox.TV on devices from Apple therefore provides access to all functions, such as:

  • TV archive
  • Video library
  • TV program
  • ECO online mode
  • Parental control
  • All other necessary functions.

The TV application also works very smoothly and efficiently. Attractive visuals and an intuitive interface further enhance the positive experience of watching Polish mobile TV.

Mobile TV iOS PolBox.TV - how to use it?

With the free viewing of mobile TV, absolutely every person who can operate the system of devices from Apple can handle it. TV application works on a similar principle as any other phone application.

It is enough, therefore, that you have a device with iOS, you are online and you use PolBox.TV to be able to enjoy Polish programs. All you have to do is use your phone or tablet and run the PolBox.TV application.

iOS is now available!

To ensure the absolute highest quality of its clients, the highest-class PolBox.TV specialists are working on its development, and the application for devices by Apple is available here.

Watch PolBox. TV in Polish with AirPlay!

Watch Polish TV today using the AirPlay function thanks to PolBox.TV! 

PolBox.TV is a service that provides its customers with the ability to watch Polish television via the Internet connection. It is intended, of course, for those Poles, who have gone abroad and live far from their homeland. PolBox.TV is an excellent provider, which stands out favorably among the rest of the competition for its multi-functionality and rich television program. This is an ideal solution for customers who prefer multiplatformity and the ability to have everything at hand with a single click. 

The primary goal of PolBox.TV as a service is to satisfy the wishes of its customers to the ground and to continuously expand the horizons of modern IPTV capabilities. This time the changes introduced the ability to watch Polish channels and films using the AirPlay function. Owners of Apple devices will surely be satisfied with this opportunity! 

What is AirPlay? 

AirPlay is the 'descendant' of the AirTunes option, which allowed listening to music from the iTunes service. This technology made possible to play music (and not only music) on different Apple platforms located within the coverage of a single Wi-Fi network. This is a quite favorable solution for owners of Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. 

How to use AirPlay? 

The AirPlay feature is quite easy to use! First, make sure your devices are compatible with this option. Then connect your iPhone, iPad or another iOS platform to the same Wi-Fi network that your TV/Apple TV is connected to. Find and install the AirPlay compatible application you want to display on the big screen and start the broadcast. 

On iOS devices, there is also a feature that automatically displays television content via AirPlay. It greatly simplifies and improves browsing for fans of Apple products. 

How to watch PolBox.TV using AirPlay?

There is nothing easier than watching Polish television via AirPlay! Simply select the installed PolBox.TV application on your iOS device and activate AirPlay technology to stream TV content from the device to the TV screen. A whole 'philosophy of options”, and it is available to everyone! 

An easy way to watch channels via AirPlay!

Use PolBox.TV with AirPlay technology to watch your favorite programs and movies on all iOS devices. Thanks to the Video library — an extensive bank of movies and TV shows on the PolBox.TV platform — you can enjoy unlimited viewing of new movies any time day and night! The main thing to remember is that the list is constantly updated, as is the PolBox.TV service, which is getting better and more convenient for its customers. 

Visit www.polbox.tv and discover the world of wide possibilities of the television service, under the slogan “There is nothing easier than watching Polish television via AirPlay”. Try it! We are certain that you will not regret it!

Watch PolBox.TV today using Chromecast! 

PolBox.TV is the best representative of Polish television abroad, which works via the Internet connection. Thanks to this service, every Pole who yearns for his/her native language in films or news broadcasts can once again enjoy its sound. This is an excellent solution that fully meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use PolBox.TV! A variety of viewing options, as well as a friendly website interface will help everyone in finding what he/she is looking for. Not without reason PolBox.TV is considered the best Polish Internet TV. A rich list of channels and a Video Library (a special bank of films) that is constantly updated is what makes this provider stand out from the rest of the competition. Moreover, PolBox.TV always tries to satisfy all customers who are using the service. That is why the company constantly improves its services and adds new options. This time we added the opportunity to watch television using Chromecast! 

What is Chromecast? 

Chromecast is a device created by Google. Externally, it looks like a regular USB flash drive, but instead of a USB port, it has an HDMI port. When connected to a TV, you can watch PolBox.TV, which is transmitted over the same Wi-Fi network. This is a great solution for fans of movies and Internet television, who prefer watching content on a big screen TV. 

How to use Chromecast? 

To start using the full functionality that Chromecast provides, this device from Google needs to be configured. Download and install the Google Chromecast application to configure it according to our requirements. In Google Chromecast, one can quickly find applications and devices that are compatible with this program in order to expand their functionality. By the way, one of these compatible applications is a program for iOS devices from PolBox.TV. Chromecast helps display applications compatible with Google Chromecast on your TV screen. Now you can look through photos, listen to music, enjoy television and video library on the big screen! Thanks to this miniature device, almost all the features of 'small devices' are transmitted to the TV, displaying all the content broadcast on the Internet. 

How to watch PolBox.TV on Chromecast? 

Watching PolBox.TV on a big screen with Chromecast does not require much. Just to connect the stick to the TV using the HDMI port and synchronize it with your iOS device. Install and select the PolBox.TV application, then display it on the screen via Chromecast. Enjoy the broadcast of your favorite Polish television — that's the whole of the “philosophy”! Pretty simple, isn't it? 

Use Chromecast to watch TV programs or movies from the best Polish online TV platform — PolBox.TV! 

Watch movies from the PolBox.TV Video Library and channels today (the list is constantly updated) on the easy-to-use smart device Chromecast from Google. Try this opportunity! We guarantee that you will be delighted with it!

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