Shipping costs

The table shows the rates for different countries. Below you can read the terms and conditions of shipment.

On this page presented is only part of the country. If you want to know the cost of delivery to your country, just go through the process of ordering from our online store. When ordering, the system automatically determines the cost of shipping. Alternatively, you can learn about the shipping cost by telephoning our customer service centre.

Shipping costs

The cost depends on the number of ordered goods (more specifically, their total weight).
The table contains the price of shipping for a minimum quantity of goods
With the shipment of more goods shipping costs may increase disproportionately in relation to the quantity of goods.
Duty (if applicable) pays contracting.
Send access codes to the site are free. It takes place via electronic mail (e-mail)

Date and time of delivery

  • Delivery time is shown in working days, excluding weekends, holidays and possible delays at the customs office.
  • Delivery in Europe in the usual (not Christmas) days takes 2-4 days. Before the more important holidays can be significant delays (up to two weeks or more), depending on the number of orders.
  • Delivery to USA takes from 1 to 10 days depending on the delivery address and its distance from the warehouse.
  • Shipping data access is done after receiving the order amount to our bank account, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 21: 00.

Withdrawal from responsibility

Polbox not responsible for delays in delivery due to the fault of third parties.
Polbox not bear the costs associated with the customs regulations of different countries - these costs always borne by the customer.

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