Polbox.TV policy on Cookies

This Policy on Cookies (Cookies) refers to use cookies and other similar technologies, on our websites and applications for mobile devices, belonging to Polbox.TV

When you are using Polbox.TV parties consent to the use of cookies and other similar technologies in accordance with the Policy Cookies. If you do not agree to our use of cookies and / or similar technology, you should change your browser settings in a proper way or give up the use of the Parties Polbox.TV.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone while you visit different pages on the Internet. A cookie typically contains the name of the website where it comes from, 'life expectancy' cookies (that is, the time of its existence), and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser used by the call from the website. Why do we use cookies?

Polbox.TV uses cookies for various purposes:

  • By Pages Polbox.TV run faster and be easier to use,
  • To better match the content and advertising available on the Sites Polbox.TV to your expectations and interests,
  • To collect anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use our site (and services) and help us in improving their functionality and content.

Using cookies as described above never identify the identity of users based on the information stored in cookies. Operating data are collected using cookies can also be compiled demographic data (eg. Age, sex, size of the place) given to us by users when registering for our services.
In this case, the compiled data are devoid of any markings identifying the user (anonymous) and stored for no longer than one month.
To achieve the objectives indicated above, One can collaborate with business partners, for example. Advertisers, research companies and application providers.

Types of cookies used on the Sites Polbox.TV

On pages Polbox.TV  we can use two types of cookies - session and permanent.
The former remain on your device only when you use the Sites Polbox.TV. Permanent cookies remain on your device as long as you have a set time of life or until you delete it.

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